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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the origin of your data? As our name suggests, most FCCInfo data comes directly from FCC databases. AM, FM, and TV data primarily originates from the FCC Media Bureau's CDBS database. The FCC Wireless Bureau's ULS database is the source of our broadcast microwave and land mobile data. The "Places" data comes from the USGS's list of populated places.
Are you affiliated with the FCC? No. This site is sponsored by Cavell, Mertz & Associates, Inc., which is a private, commercial entity. However, in our capacity as broadcast consulting engineers, we frequently interact with the FCC.
Is your data current? The FCC publishes CDBS (AM/FM/TV) data daily and a complete update of ULS (broadcast auxiliary) and Antenna Structure Registration data once weekly. Our automated import routine is set to match the FCC's pace. Occasionally, Internet gremlins or import/export problems result in unavoidable delays. Our "freshness dates" (the dates we import data) are shown at the bottom of pages containing FCC data. The "populated places," zip-code, and airport databases are updated sporadically.
Is this site suitable for use with "mission critical" projects? Although we put a great deal of effort into, its suitability for a particular project is best left to your discretion. As of this writing, even the FCC's CDBS database has not been deemed an "official source.", in great part, depends on CDBS data. For any "mission critical" project, we recommend the use of multiple, independent data sources, including (but not limited to)
When I open my web browser, I see call letters (and other search items) from previous searches. Does everyone see what what I'm doing? We save your previous searches by saving "cookies" on your computer. This is done to ease repeated searches of similar data. Since the "cookies" are saved on your computer, others do not have access to the data.
I operate a web site. May I "link" my site to We generally encourage links to our site from broadcaster-friendly entities. Please contact if you wish to request permission. Please include your contact information and the URL of your web site.
Why don't you list radio station formats? Our site depends on public-domain data. We are unaware of a source of reliable, public-domain radio format database. If you know of one, please tell us! We recently added links to the Arbitron "Station Information Profile" page which provides format data for stations that register with that company.
How can I support your efforts? We would appreciate your suggestions for improving the site. Also, please help us grow by telling your friends about us.
Do you accept financial contributions? is provided as a courtesy of Cavell, Mertz & Associates, Inc. But - if you really want to send something, send a postcard! Our address is:

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Are my searches confidential and secure? As detailed on our "Privacy" page, we do not keep records of your searches (other than general server logs). However, because all search parameters and results travel unencrypted through the Internet as clear text, you should have no expectation of privacy.
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